What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"This place is great! Large portions and unique menu items. Be prepared to get amazed at the towering amounts of ice cream heaven. There was a lot of cool historic pictures and items from years past. I look forward to returning in the future with friends! The fountain is located in front with the working pharmacy in back with different operating hours. Enjoy y’all!"

"I could go on a long tangent about how amazing this place is in every way but to put it simply, the gentleman who owns it is a genius and it is essentially the craft beers of milk shakes. Won’t find a better milk shake anywhere."

"What a treat! We were blown away by the Great Smoky Mountain sundae.

It was bigger than my head! I had no idea this charming place was downtown. Bring a friend because you will want to share this experience with someone. I definitely will be back to try the on the monster sundaes. There's one with a giant donut at the bottom. Knoxville is lucky to have a throwback ice cream parlor of this caliber."

"AMAZING!!! Old school malt shop. Definitely recommend going here. Little pricey but worth it."

"Great downtown, locally owned and operated pharmacy. They also offer free deliveries on prescriptions! Great option for downtown residents."

"Awesome atmosphere, love the retro vibe. The ice cream was excellent. We had one of the daily specials that involved a coffee-soaked doughnut too, and it was heavenly!! The milkshake was a large portion and very well made. Quality ingredients, creative dishes, and all the classics."

"Nice little pharmacy a lot more intimate than Walgreens or CVS, helpful staff as well"

"Great ice cream spot and really good milkshakes. I will say, their prices are rather steep; think $8 for a shake, I believe. Good occasional date spot. It’s best aspect is the old soda parlor feel; it has a nice atmosphere."

"Such a great experience! Old-timey feel and fun atmosphere. Always busy, but our wait has never been unreasonable. One time we came for a specific ice cream; come to fund out it was the off season for it. The owner went and got some for us free of charge."

You can help The Phoenix Pharmacy by leaving a great review on Google and Yelp - thank you!